Hello 2016 – After an eventful 2015, I’m so ready to take on a new year that I’m sure will be filled with new friends, tons of smiles and new stories to capture for years to come.
2015 was a growing year for me – not only did my family grow (I’m officially outnumbered by the men in my house 3-to-1) but Kendra Koman Photography also had a growing year. I changed up my look by adding a bit of personal flair (yay Flamingos) and also added a new way for my clients to get to know me better. If you haven’t done so already – be sure to check me out on my new Instagram account @kendrakomanphotography.

Heres a little look at Tyler meeting the newest member!


Big Thank you to my dear friend Jessica Gliesman for these priceless hospital shots <3

For those of you who are just getting to know me, you’re probably wondering what’s up with the flamingo in my logo – and quite simply, there’s a few reasons for it.
For one – I LOVE flamingos. They brilliantly match my personality which is one of a kind, bubbly and bright. Plus, they remind me of my favorite pair of jammies which are covered with pink flamingos.
Secondly, I consider myself a bit like them – I like to stand out in a crowd and I believe each and everyone of my clients is just like those beautiful pink birds – wonderful, bright and unique.
So how do my skills stand-out in the photography flock? Well for one I can guarantee this – we are going to have fun. I want to bring out the best in my clients. As someone who’s personality is hard to hide – I love finding those special quirks of the couple I’m shooting and making sure that comes shining through when they see the final product. So show me your silly – and I will show you mine! I know smiling for the camera isn’t easy for everyone, but trust me when I say, I’m here to make the process as easy and comfortable as possible. I’m looking at you shy husbands -to- be: if you need to do a shot before I snap the photo, let me know what you like to drink.
Most importantly, I like to be a little daring and go outside my comfort zone. You’ll notice when you check out my photos – I don’t like to do the same poses that you’ve seen done a thousand times. You’re special day is just that – YOUR’S- and it should reflect your own special love story.
I can promise that you will laugh, you will cry (in a good way) and I will be right there with you sharing in all those amazing moments. So if you’re looking for someone to capture you’re special day – what are you waiting for? Give me a call – shoot me an email – or send out smoke signals. Let’s be flamingos together in 2016.

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