To say that Erin & Drew “love” each other is an under statement. You could feel the love between them all day. To sum the day up we laughed, we had big smiles, and huge support from all family and friends. I can not wait to see what the future has in store for you guys! Thank you for letting me be there to witness the magic <3

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How did you meet?
We like to joke that we met filling sand bags. It was the first time we really talked-we we’re in basic training together at the Air Force Academy.
How did the propsal go?
Drew proposed on the end of the pier in Santa Barbara, California. I went to hug him after he asked and he snapped the ring box shut because he was afraid it was going to drop between the slats of the pier and into the Pacific Ocean! I got to put on the ring after we were safe back in the car.
Wedding Date?
Which one? Haha. We were married civilly April 11, 2014, but our church wedding with our family and friends took place on May 21, 2016.
What was the inspiration behind your wedding?
We both love literature and it has played such an important part in our lives. We really feel that stories are the “stuff of life” so we wanted to make it a part of our day. Other than that, just keeping things true to our style-natural, simple, and elegant.
What was the most memorable part of your wedding day?
So many moments, we can’t narrow it down to one! Drew’s dad singing Ave Maria during our ceremony made us both tear up. Dancing with our crazy families. Everyone singing Bohemian Rhapsody at the end of the night.
Why was photography important to you and what made you choose Kendra Koman Photography?
We knew it was how we would remember the special moments and little details from the day. We wanted our photographs to feel natural and in-the-moment. I feel like Kendra really captures this style and she made the day so fun. Plus, I knew Kendra was ‘the one’ after one skype date. ;)
What was your something old, new, borrowed, and blue?
Old: My mother’s lace handkerchief
New: The beaded purse my Aunt Donna handmade
Borrowed: My earrings-they were my cousin and bridesmaid Hannah’s from her wedding day!
Blue: My shoes
Did you do any DIY projects? If so what?
My family was such a huge help! My Aunt Kristen and planner, Lizzi, made all of the centerpieces, the lists on the card tables, and handled all the details for the decorations at the reception. Drew and I made bookmark place cards, but my family did so much more. We have them to thank for it being an amazing day!
Any advice for brides and grooms who are currently in the planning process?
Let your friends and family plan everything for you if you can! Because we lived long distance, we hadn’t even seen the venue until the rehearsal. I think letting go of control early on meant way less stress for us. That being said-our wedding would not have happened if it weren’t for my mom and Lizzi. They are superstars.
If you could do it all over, would you change anything?
Not a thing!
What is your favorite part of being married so far?
Well, since we’ve already been married for 2 years civilly…just that we don’t have to worry about wedding planning anymore? Just kidding, Drew says “morning cuddles.” Awww.
Where did you go on your honeymoon? Would you recommend it?
We haven’t yet! We’re hoping to do a Pacific Coast Highway camping trip or travel to the Philippines to visit some of Drew’s family within the next few years.
Wedding Party Intro Song?
Number One by Tuxedo
First Dance Song?
For the Love of You by Isley Brothers
Father/daughter song?
My Wish for You by Rascal Flatts
Mother/son song?
Mama by Boyz 2 Men
Who was your wedding coordinator?
Lizzi McNamara
Who did your hair?
Julia from Reflections Salon and Day Spa – she has been my hair stylist since I was 5!!! :)
Who did your makeup?
Jill Sollars – we were all jaw dropping gorgeous thanks to her!
Emerald City Designs
Jake Webb
Where was your ceremony?
The Inn at St. John’s
Where was your reception?
The Inn at St. John’s
Peter Boucher from Falcon Film Studios
Cakes by Rubina and Marv’s Bakery
Where did you buy your dress?
A Heart’s Desire Bridal Shop in San Luis Obispo, California
Who designed your bridesmaid dresses?
Azazie-their customer service was great and it worked perfectly when my bridesmaids were spread out across the country!
Tux Rental?
The United States Air Force…lol

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